Services Pricing

SCOLA offers subscription services available through the internet and through Android and Apple mobile apps. SCOLA Global Marketplace is free to access, but for all other services you must purchase either a corporate or individual affiliation to access. SCOLA mobile apps are free with a corporate or individual SCOLA affiliation. We would be glad to offer you a free trial subscription to all our services.

Corporate Affiliation

If you are interested in purchasing a SCOLA affiliation for a school, college, or organization, please contact SCOLA to request a quote. Pricing for corporate SCOLA affiliations is based on a variety of factors, and your SCOLA representative will work with you to create a subscription package that best suits your organization’s needs. You may currently have access to SCOLA through an existing corporate affiliation: contact SCOLA to verify.

Individual Affiliation

SCOLA affiliation is also available for individuals who wish to access SCOLA content for their personal use. Please note: individual SCOLA affiliations are for personal use only and cannot be used in the classroom. Teachers and instructors who wish to use SCOLA resources in the classroom must do so through a corporate SCOLA affiliation, not through their individual SCOLA affiliation.

Pricing for Individual Affiliations

  • Basic Package - $25.00 per month or $240.00 per year
    • - This package includes:
      • - unlimited access to all SCOLA Services

To purchase an individual SCOLA affiliation package, please contact SCOLA and a representative will assist you.